Tina Knowles Moves Into Walmart

Tina Knowles

It appears that the House of Dereon is moving to Walmart.  Someone over at the “House” must’ve looked at Beyonce’s fans and realized that 1) they’re pleasantly seasoned (larger than a size two) and 2) they have the desire to run behind B and wear Dereon jeans at over a $100 a pop, but they can’t afford them and her CD. So, now Tina Knowles is making an executive decision and a line is ready for those who are more reflective of the present financial state of the country.

The pop diva’s mama told Stylelist that she sold 90 percent of her stock when she introduced her new line, Miss Tina, at a Walmart in Houston, where she resides.  The line will be sold exclusively at Walmart and most of the clothes remain under $20. She’ll be visiting Walmart’s throughout the country as she launches her more reasonably priced fashions.

Read more here to find out where you can see Miss Tina.

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