Man Bites Dog Back!

Roderick "Can't Get Right" Lewis

All of us have hoped that when faced with a terrifying dog that we could face him, scare him and even go to battle with him if need be.  But, most of us simply default to our primal instinct and run!  But not this guy!  He went to battle with a K-9; one of the most terrifying dogs you ever want to come up against.  They are trained to take you down!  But when you’re high on PCP, hey, who cares right?

The story sounds pretty bizarre already, but the cop’s story gets even more interesting. The man in question, Roderick Lewis, was allegedly looking for angel dust.  He asked Officer Scott Bloom for the drug.  Bloom grabbed Lewis’ arm and he punched Bloom in the face.  The dog wasn’t having it!  The dog jumps the man and the rest is history.  Sounds fishy? Read more here.

2 thoughts on “Man Bites Dog Back!”

  1. First & foremost let me say the media pretty much NEVER has the story right. I have a child with this man. Hes no angel, & he did smoke dust. The night in question he was NOT high & did not ask for any dust. He was walking home from the gas station after buying cigarettes. The police DO know him & they harass him. I & my parents were told by one cop that “he wishes he could push roderick off east rock” (a rather high mountian type rock) these police have violated his civil rights & done unexcusable things to him. This night, the cop was driving alongside of him antagonizing him. The cop then challenged him & a person can tolerate before they loose it. They have arrested him so many times & had to let him go. They cuffed him abd THEN allowed the dog to bite him over 30 times but they conviently lefy that part ouy. Thats y he bit the dog. They then tried to play the pcp card. Well my friends to make a lieing long story short, he has a lawsuit on motion against west haven pd, google lewis vs pd

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