Video: $2 Million Left on Indianapolis Street

This is a true case of “What would you do if…?”  Well, for those in Indianapolis that saw 20’s flying through the air in Downtown Indianapolis there was no question what they would do.  There were people everywhere leaping on the cash that ended up totaling $20,000.  The culprits: armored car drivers left three bags of cash totalling $2 million on the street and are more than likely at the unemployment office, if not jail, as we speak.

The passersby were asked what would they do and most were ambivalent. But, one was certain…the man who gave up the cash.Tim Wentworth and his wife Vicki pulled the bags to the curb after a car hit a bag and bills went everywhere. He said it never occurred to him to take any of the money.  Well, hats off to you Mr. Wentworth, especially in this economy! Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks

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