Alabama Senators Caught Up in Casino Scandal, Bribery

VictoryLand owner Milton McGregor is pictured at the casino in Shorter, Ala., on March 5. McGregor, four state senators and several top lobbyists have been indicted on federal charges accusing them of vote buying on a bill to legalize electronic bingo.

Alabama’s chickens seem to be coming home to roost. The state’s senators are tangled up in some major thuggery by their involvement in trying to keep casinos with illegal electronic bingo machines in Montgomery, Al. running.  There was some plan cooked up to send lobbyists, aka recruiters, to bribe officials with millions in exchange for their votes that would legalize their business.

All of the senator’s wrongdoings came to light because of a two-year investigation the governor started by raiding state-run electronic bingo halls. According to MSNBC, the feds blew the case wide open when the Justice Department indicted the owners of two of Alabama’s largest casinos, Milton McGregor, owner of VictoryLand casino in Shorter, and Ronnie Gilley, developer of the Country Crossing casino in Dothan, four state senators, Harri Anne Smith of Slocomb, James Prueitt of Talladega, Larry Means of Attalla, and Quinton Ross Jr. of Montgomery and several lobbyists of a “scheme to buy and sell votes in the Legislature.” One of them already copped a plea deal for offering a senator $2 million  for his vote.

Read here to see how deep this thing runs.  It appears that this is only the beginning.  There is serious money involved in the casino industry and these officials must’ve saw so much of it they were willing to sacrifice their careers and families for it.

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