Video: Hot Rappers Under the Age of Seven

The big dream of a lot of young people today is to make something of themselves in the hip hop industry.  It appears that the fans of hip-hop are getting younger and younger everyday.  But with the explicit lyrics in a lot of hip-hop music, these youngsters are making strides to clean it up so they can get in the game.  Hopefully, they haven’t listened to anything but the Walmart version of a lot of their favorite rappers, but we all know there’s not a major chance that’s true.

Some tend to believe that hip hop is on life support, but there’s a lot of hope for hip-hop if these youngsters make it in.  The lack of female rappers is also a major problem with hip-hop right now, but there’s a couple girls in this group that might revive that category. If you haven’t noticed, there’s such a lack of young ladies in rap they eliminated the category from the Grammys in 2004; just two years after adding it to the coveted list.  One of the young ladies is not under the age of seven, but she’s still only 12.

Check out our picks starting with Lil P Nut.

-J.C. Brooks

Lil P Nut

Lil Piggy

Lil Yani

P Star

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