Verizon Wireless Admits Wrong Charges, Gives $50 Million

Verizon Wireless was charging its customers with bogus charges on their bills for web and/or data use that didn’t come with their contracts. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) got one too many complaints about Verizon’s billing and now, two years later, here we are at a settlement for 15 million of their customers.

According to the Washington Post, the communication giant has agreed to give up $50 million in “refunds to current and past customers.”  That’s a lot of mistakes!  The people that complained had basic packages that didn’t include Internet, yet their bills were full with data usage fees.  The FCC still wonders why Verizon would tell them that they would neeeever charge anyone if they mistakenly went to the web without it being apart of their contract.

Read more here on how you can get your money back from the big V.

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