Video: Australia’s Next Top Model Flub

The “oops” that happened on Australia’s Next Top Model was something you might expect on any live competition.  But, this would be the first time it’s happened…that we know about.  The competition was going along pretty good until they announced the winner, then the name is called. The women hug. A solemn moment.  Thank you’s to the fans from both of the contestants left standing.  Then boom! Bombshell dropped and the host is left holding the …wrong bag.

All she could do was stand there mortified and holding her head in complete embarrassment that SHE ANNOUNCED THE WRONG NAME FOR THE WINNER!  Her saving grace was the disposition of the contestants, Kelsey and Amanda.  The girl who was the winner for approximately two minutes, conceded to the other girl with no problem.  She was quite gracious.  Lord knows if Tamika and LaShae was up there it wouldn’t have went down without incident. Check it out.

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