Facebook and Skype Join Forces?

Oprah has the whole world using Skype, so Facebook said why don’t we get in on it.  The word on the web streets according to AllThingsD, they are now considering a venture where all your communication goes down LIVE with all those you love.  The popular streamer, Skype, will stand to gain 500 million new customers.  Facebook will probably gain another 100 million customers with this deal and Mark Zuckerberg will be laughing like a villain…bwwwwaaahhhahahahahahahahha!

The billionaire boy is cornering the market on communications and our social networks with this deal.  Facebook will really get a face with the use of Skype services. The deal between the two will include features like SMS, voice chat, and Facebook Connect. Social networking will never be the same.  If they decide to charge one day all of you would whip out the money with no problem.

Check out the details here.

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