Video: Pee Wee Football Game Gone Wild!

A Texas pee wee football league game was turned upside down by, not the pre-teens, but the coaches.  One of the kids even tried to stop one of the coaches or member of the coaching staff to stop brawling out of control. The young people in this age group of pee wee football put their hearts into the game and because of this melee the teams were banned “from any postseason play.” Now the players are upset and confused.

The Pearland Patriots were tied for first place and now it appears their efforts were all for nothing.  The fight between them and the opposing team took off because of the type of hit one of the players took during the game.  The players started to scuffle and were broken up by the staff from each team, but  resulted in a fight between coaches and their staff.  Texas is a little too serious about the game.  Check out the story.

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