Toddler Birthday Party Turns Into Fight Club

Maybe you’ve attended a three-year old birthday party that extends into the wee hours of the night at a hall, but certainly that should still seem unusual. Right?  The birthday party in question took place outside Cincinnati in an area called Elmwood Place. According to, about 30 children were present about 1 a.m. to see the fight between 75 adults.

Ramon Marcelo-Hernandez, 26, of Norwood is the father of the three-year old girl who was supposed to be celebrating when her daddy was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct while intoxicated.  Police arrived from Cincinnati and other nearby agencies responded to the riot-like affair.

Once police swarmed on the scene, there was blood, broken bottles and injuries everywhere.  There were nearly 150 people in the midst of chaos.  But since everyone spoke Spanish a lot of the details are still blurry.  Check out the rest of the story here.

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