Artist Draws Bush’s Assassination…and More

Artist Gil Vicente standing with his vision of assassinating Bush himself.

There’s a huge art showing in Brazil called the Sao Paulo Art Biennial where Brazil’s best put their collections on display.  But artist, Gil Vicente brought a collection that was so controversial that the exhibit titled “Enemies” was supposed to be taken down.  So far, he hasn’t removed his works.  The strongest of the set of assassinations he depicts in his exhibit may be Bush on his knees while Vicente prepares to shoot him in the head.

His charcoal sketches include the assassinations of Queen Elizabeth and former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon among others.  But, the one we connect with more than the other is Bush.  Some Americans want to contact the artist and ask him if he can sketch them into the picture holding the gun, but some believe this is over the top no matter how bad he jacked up the country.  Check out this astonishing collection here.

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