U.S. Soldiers Charged with Killing for Fun

American soldiers seem to be in a no-win situation in this war.  They may be over there losing their minds knowing that the people didn’t have any weapons of mass destruction in the first place.  The remaining soldiers thought they’d have fun killing civilians and starting a finger collection though.  Sounds like Vietnam all over again. 

The nightmare for one soldier, Adam Winfield, was getting caught up in this and being sworn to secrecy.  He said his commanding officer MADE him shoot someone and prior to the killing, he had been sending texts home saying things like, “Should I do the right thing and put myself in danger for it. Or just shut up and deal with it,” he wrote. “There are no more good men left here. It eats away at my conscience everyday.”

Winfield is one of twelve men being charged in the diabolical treatment of civilians in Afghanistan as part of some sort of alleged kill team, according to the NY Daily News.

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