Oprah’s Many Lawsuits Remembered

Oprah is getting ready to watch the lights go down on her show after 25 years.  There are many memories that we will be sharing about her show until the last, but we thought we might start with some of the “hot topics.”  The lawsuits she’s has waged against her range from the frivolous to the “Damn O!”  A lot of us are such true fans that we thought ol’ O did no harm, but some of these suits say differently.

The top 12 lawsuits have been listed and detailed on the Huffington Post’s site.  The biggest one everyone should remember is the fight with the cowboys of Texas in 1998. They thought since she said the mad cow disease information she got on her show “stopped me cold from eating another burger,”  made them lose $12 million, that she owed them millions. 

Another well known suit was the flight attendant on Oprah’s private jet that was accused of sleeping with the pilot while on the plane and was fired.  And let us not forget the ex-boyfriend, Randolph Cook, that was going to write a tell-all book on Oprah and she blocked it.  She had already owned up to smoking crack in the 80’s, but he wanted to put a face with a name kinda thing.

The “say it ain’t so O” lawsuit is the most recent lawsuit with the woman with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  She alleges that she was subjected to a hostile work environment over at the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) because she has multiple sclerosis, then was fired.

Check out all the suits here.

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