Woman Kills Children Not Charged

A young somalian woman is behind bars because she allegedly killed two of her five children by locking them in a closet.  Something seems fishy in the case because the woman is not being charged with murder.  The prosecutor found that the offense is not murder, but neglect…she neglected to remove those kids from the hot ass closet.

The woman in question is 28-year old Ebyan Farah and she’s charged with several felony charges, but none of them are for the deaths of her three and four year olds that died in the closet in her apartment from suffocation.  One of her surviving children told social service workers that she regularly kept them in the closet when she was cooking or punishing them.

The woman nor somalian community gave any comment to the media.  Check out this strange case here.  There’s got to be a lot more to the story anytime the prosecutor doesn’t want to charge the mother with murder.  Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks

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