Video: Dumbest Shoplifter Alive Caught in Trash Truck

This crime is only getting some play because he deserves to be embarrassed for being this damn stupid.  The first part that makes you say “C’mon Son!” is that the dummy tried to rob a Wal-mart by backing his car up to the back of the store and running in an emergency exit.  Of course, he’s caught on tape, but that’s not what made him jump in a dumpster.

The educationally challenged individual, James Brienzo, was shoplifting and making a run for it at the crack of dawn in a Walmart located in Alliance, Oh.  When he thought the jig was up, he left his car running at the exit and jumped into a dumpster where he was quickly picked up by none other than a trash compacting GARBAGE TRUCK!

Needless to say, Brienzo ended up in critical condition and is in the hospital.  He managed to make a call from his cell phone while being crushed that saved his life. Check out the cop that had to retell the story. He can barely keep a straight face:

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