Update: Facebook CEO Wanted to Delay Donation Announcement?

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is getting ready to give one of the most massive donations to Newark public schools that anyone has ever seen.  But reports are suddenly circulating that he wanted to delay the $100 million donation to Newark schools in order to coincide with the opening of the movie based on him and the beginning of Facebook called, “Social Network”.

The rumors are that the movie doesn’t paint him in the greatest light, so maybe the donation would make up for the negativity.  According to the Daily Beast, others that are close to Zuckerberg, feels like that would be too evident and he’s proven himself to be a little smarter than that.

The timing of the donation announcement was actually Mayor Cory Booker and Governor Chris Christie’s choice.  Don’t worry you can keep your Facebook account.  No need to boycott.  Plus, you know how Oprah doesn’t like being made a fool of.  Everyone involved would be invited back to the show for a lashing.  Check out more on the story here.

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