Video: 11-Year Old Charged with Murder of Toddler?

Zyda White

The mother of a murdered toddler in Sandy Springs, Ga., is looking for justice to prevail and take the life of an 11-year old, just as her child was taken from her. She has every right to be filled with rage as she tries to figure out why an 11-year old would take her two year old’s life, but the state of Georgia will not charge anyone under 13 with life.  It’s highly unlikely that the girl will even be charged as an adult.

Ashlea Collier left her two-year old daughter, Zyda White, with her co-worker and the co-worker’s 11-year old daughter Saturday while she went to work.  That night she returned to find the unimaginable.  Her daughter was lying on a bed turning blue with her eyes wide open; an image that Collier will never be able to get out of her mind.  The 11-year old’s explanation was weak and inconsistent with the extent of the injuries. She said that the toddler fell out of the bed and she put her back in the bed and gave her apple juice.

Question: Where was the 11-year old’s mother and why isn’t she facing any charges? If a parent is in a home with her own children and a child comes up dead, they hold her responsible, no matter how old the other children in the house are.  And in this case, if the mother was the babysitter, shouldn’t she be held responsible for some sort of negligence? Why doesn’t she know anything about the incident?  

This is a developing story that we can’t wait to get to the bottom of. The report will be hard to watch.  Her mother is truly devastated, as any mother would be.  God Bless little Zyda White and her family.

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. I’m so sad this happened, but children should not be charged as adults, because they are not adults. They are children. The 11-year old child should have been under parental supervision. The 11-year old child should have had a babysiter, herself. How many hours had the 11=year old child been allowed to babysit the infant unsupervised?

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