KFC Pays College Girls to Sport Logo on Butt

KFC has found their first group of Girls Gone Wild…over the Double Down sandwich they sell.  The girls may not have even tasted the sandwiches, but $500 is $500, right?  Yes, you heard it right! KFC is paying the girls of Spalding University to wear red jogging pants emblazoned with the company logo.  Those catholic school girls didn’t hesitate to get those pants on.

There are other universities that they will hit soon, but they haven’t revealed them.  There should be a petition or some kind of vote put through so that we can help pick the university they will pick next.  Students everywhere could use the money, but mothers are having a problem with this campaign being plastered to their daughter’s butts.

The National Organization for Women (NOW) find this campaign deplorable and their president Terry O’Neill called the campaign “obnoxious” and finds it really interesting that the marketing isn’t toward women “who make more than half the decisions regarding food for dinner.” Read more here. You may find a way to get in on the $500.

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