Wal-Mart Coming Into Cities?

For all the Walmart junkies out there, the thing you probably hate most about the discount behemoth is the distance you have to drive to get to one.  The suburbs have been blessed and cursed with the stores.  Those who live near one will tell you that there’s nothing special about all of the traffic it drives to their area. So Walmart has decided to do something about that and test out smaller stores located in the city ranging from a mere 20,000 square feet.

You wouldn’t know it, but according to Associated Press, the company is reporting “sluggish” sales and they have been downsizing their supercenters. And right under our noses, Wal-Mart has already started testing out smaller stores.  They are called Marketside and average 15,000 square feet.  They also offer a store called Neighborhood Market by Walmart stores, and it offers “fresh food, pharmacy, beauty, stationary and pet supplies and are about 42,000 square feet.”

Can you imagine a Walmart down the street?  Well, you probably can imagine that, but you can put 24 hours out of your mind! Read more of the report here.

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