Video: The Vatican Caught in Money Laundering Scandal

What can you say about the Vatican at this point?  With everything that has come out about the sexual abuse in the church and the multiple lawsuits stemming from the cases against them, nothing else is that surprising.  There are many conspiracy theorists and plain ol’ educated folk out there that view the Pope and all those residing within the sanctuary of the Vatican as sinister thieves and thugs.  Now we are starting to believe the fascinating stories behind these beliefs.  How can you not when the bones keep falling out the Vatican closets?

According to Huffington Post, Italian financial police dug in the Pope’s pockets and confiscated $30 million until this whole thing gets sorted out. They plan to start with an investigation of the Vatican bank’s chairman…get this…Ettore Gotti Tedeschi. The name alone sparks suspicion in our minds.  But they’re also going after his right hand mind, the director-general,  Paolo Cipriani.  I’m with Ed Lover right now on this one…C’MON SON! This smells bad in names alone not to mention that back in the 80’s the Vatican’s bank was caught up in a scandal over “a friend” to the Vatican bank known as “God’s Banker” found hanging from a bridge in London.

So far, Gotti has made mistakes on his bank reports that violates Italy’s anti-laundering laws.  In other words, somebody got greedy and someone else didn’t get paid.  The Vatican has had interesting banking practices for some time.  Maybe after all the lawsuits from the sex abuse case, the Pope had to look the other way, make some prayers, and hope that Gotti was on the up and up with the money the church had been taking in.  But from the way it appears right now, someone didn’t report where all the money had been coming from.  It wouldn’t be far-fetched to insinuate Mafia connections because one of them was implicated in the murder of “God’s Banker” and acquitted in 2007.

So instead of curling up with your favorite whodunit tonight or watching yet another episode of Law & Order or watching Scarface, GoodFellas, or the Godfather again, read the story and watch the report on what’s happening at the Vatican and do a little research into the history of the place.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

-J.C. Brooks

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