Video: America’s Perfect Teen is British?

A bunch of young ladies had their destiny’s dashed when the America’s Perfect Teen contest ended with an overwhelming decision for Anysha Panesar.  The 16-year old hails from the shores of Llangan, Wales.  That’s right! She’s not an American citizen.  So, how was she able to enter the contest you ask?  Well, according to NBC, the founder of the pageant, Michael Galanes, confirmed that the pageant has no U.S. residency requirement. 

But that wouldn’t be the end to the controversy.  Not only was that a slap in the face to the true teenage American girls, but the $2,000 in cash and $18,000 scholarship money is like lunch money to the wealthy Brits.  Just to give an example of their wealth, her birthday party with the Moulin Rouge theme was featured on MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16.”

They really could’ve donated the money or gave it to the runner up or something.  That may have helped calm things down a bit.  But maybe not, the pageant mothers are no joke! They got in Galanes ass immediately and demanded some answers, especially because the girl was just visiting Kissimee, Fl., for summer vacation and was headed back to Wales.  Check out the full report on the Today show, but please! Tell us what you think?  Should she keep the crown or give up the money or both give up the crown and the money or neither?

-J.C. Brooks

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4 thoughts on “Video: America’s Perfect Teen is British?”

  1. The people who run america’s perfect teen should TAKE the crown and money away! she’s a rich little brat! That money should go to someone who actually deserves it and is american for crying out loud..

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