Video: Star High School Quarterback Dies on Field


Quarterback Reggie Garrett, 17, died on the field last Friday, Sept. 17, 2010.

A young man in West Orange, Tx., Reggie Garrett, 17, was a star quarterback for his West Orange-Stark High School team before meeting his untimely death last Friday.  He had been practicing intensely throughout the summer for this very game against their arch rival Jasper and he shuttered off the winning touchdown just before collapsing on the sidelines after the play.

Garrett was not only a superstar quarterback, he was also a good student with a scholarship offer from Iowa and receiving attention from other schools.  According to NBC’s Today show, Garrett isn’t the only student to collapse on the field recently.  The week prior to Garrett’s death, Hayward Demison of Central Catholic High School in Oregon also collapsed after throwing the winning touchdown, but a nurse ran from the stands and administered CPR which saved his life.

Garrett’s mother, Jo Ann Parkinson, had no inclination, nor his coach Dan Hooks, that he had any medical issues that would prevent him from playing his beloved sport.  He had a physical with his private physician as well as the team physician and neither report showed anything. The deaths that have been occurring on high school fields around the nation over the years have stirred up controversy that begs the question:  Are the sports programs in our schools properly medically regulated?

View the report on this unimaginable tragedy. God bless this family.

-J.C. Brooks

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