Roland Martin Launches New Line of Ascots

Roland Martin is somewhat of a fashion icon…in the news world.

He’s singlehandedly trying to bring back the class and professionalism of news anchors.  But Jon Stewart got on his as-cot back in May and stirred this whole thing up.  It was just the fodder he needed to start his line.  You have to admit Roland is damn dapper in his ascot.  Now you and me might not be able to rock that, but it is a look that works for him.

According to Mediaite, the ascot line is a collaboration with Verse 9 Neckwear and has already launched.  Picture this:  Jay-Z, P. Diddy, and Lil’ Wayne put their orders in tomorrow and start wearing them in concert (suited up like Maxwell) and then the ripple effect would be all the saggy pants boys would put suits on and/or at least a jacket and ascot.  It would be wonderful if we could return to the days when young people actually dressed before they left the house.

The athletic wear revolution must’ve occurred some time around 1990.  Nowadays you can’t find anyone with a tight crease in their jeans or jeans that fit for that matter, wearing real shoes and shirt.  When did we become so casual?  The casual revolution has ruined opportunities for young people everywhere.  In this image driven country, employers get the wrong idea from the way you look. Ascots couldn’t hurt us one bit!

Read more here about the ascot revolution and view the Jon Stewart “attack” on the ascot.

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