‘Gucci Face’ Boy?

There has to be a way that we can get the lead poisoned, educationally challenged or simply slow younguns out there to understand that they have many more years to live beyond their teenage years.  And to say that they might be challenged in some way is a compliment to them because SURELY there’s something wrong when you do this kind of thing to yourself…we pray.

According to hiphopwired.com, this unidentified young man is represented as “Gucci Face.”  He’ll probably get himself sued for misrepresenting the company this way. Surely, the Gucci corporation wants to remain on top as a brand, but this sort of advertisement would probably not be a good fit for them…or HIM!

The next time you’re at the tattoo parlor getting your tattoo can you please thwart the next tattoo session that appears to be heading in the wrong direction.  Signs that it’s going in the wrong direction:

1) Tattoo artist starts his design on the top of the person’s head.

2) The tattoo starts out f…u…

3) The tattoo artist directs the person to open their legs.

4) The tattoo is being written on a girl’s neck. (Not to say that it looks better on men either.)

5) The tattoo starts out in the butt crack.

Check out the other horrendous tattoo in the hip hop world here!

-J.C. Brooks

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