Video: Sisters Seek Pardon from Life for Armed Robbery

The Scott sisters have been serving life in prison for nearly 16 years for a dumb crime that could be equated to mischievous.  The sisters, Gladys and Jamie Scott, lured two men down a street where three teenage boys jumped them and supposedly robbed them at gunpoint.  But, the victims, according to the Scott sisters’ mother Evelyn Rasco, said during their testimony in court that they never pulled a gun on them or robbed them.  The teens took a plea deal and did just a few months in jail.

Benjamin Jealous, president of the NAACP, has become a part of the crusade to have these girls released.  He is asking Haley Barbour to pardon these girls who have committed a crime that pales in comparison to those he’s pardoned in the past.  Jealous in his interview with MSNBC, said that the judge the girls came up against had 30 years earlier granted bail to the Ku Klux Klan killers of the three civil rights workers Cheney, Schwerner and Goodman.

Now, Jamie Scott is suffering from kidney failure and there are still more revelations in the case that show the girl have did more than their fair share of time behind bars.  Allegedly they only got $11 out of the robbery.  Maybe nothing!

Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks

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