Follow-Up: Acid Attack in Washington A Hoax!

Bethany Storro after alleged acid attack.

Bethany Storro had everyone’s sympathy when she was allegedly attacked with acid in a shopping mall parking lot.  She said that a BLACK WOMAN walked up to her and said, “Hey pretty girl, do you want to drink this?”  Then doused her with corrosive liquid.  Now she has admitted to committing the crime herself.  It seemed a little shady when she mentioned the black woman, but being caught up in the sympathy shifted us off our natural instincts.  Why do black people always end up being the alibi for demented white folks trying to commit a crime?  Everyone knows that we NORMALLY commit crimes with meaning.  Something like that isn’t an arbitrary crime. Black woman or not, women like to perform something like that for a reason, so they can take great pride in their actions. 

Storro and her family were in great spirits after the attack.  According to MSNBC, Storro seems to have some religious beliefs that she wanted to share with the world and declined an interview with Oprah saying  on her Facebook page that they would probably “stray from the religious inspiration” she would like to extend.  No! The real deal is that Oprah doesn’t like to be made a fool of and if she got a whiff that this was a hoax, she would’ve invited her back on the show or found some other way to work her over.

Read more here on how she made a fool of us all.  But it appears she may end up paying a big price for her actions.  Also, watch the original story.  This girl needs a little “couch” time.  Everyone must wanna ask, “Was it worth it?”

-J.C. Brooks

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