Video: Caregiver Beats 91-Year Old Patient on Camera


Carmen Pereira should be watching her back day and night since being released on bond for the beating and intimidation she put on Cresencia Obaldo and her sister Bernadina Samin’s 91-year old mother, Catalina Obaldo.  The sisters set up Skype on their laptop to keep an eye on their mother as well as keep in touch.  Now picture their disgust and surprise when they turned on the video to see their mother being smacked and shoved around.

Pereira is out on bond and she may not see any jail time if her charges are third degree.  But she has been fired from her job with “Loving In Care” that has sent her to care for this woman for 11 years!  Yes…11 years!  Check out the Fox newscast that includes the disturbing video of the beating:

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