Skechers Goes Too Far with New Cartoon, FCC Called


According to concerned parents and/or the Boston-based Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood, Skechers thinks they’re slick!  The thick-soled shoe company has produced a new cartoon called “Zevo-3”, that according to the Campaign’s complaint, has “the first children’s television program starring characters that are known to children only as commercial logos and spokescharacters.”  Flag on the play!  This means they are inundating our children with subliminal messages to buy their shoes!

This means, Ronald McDonald, Sugar Bear, and the Hamburglar could end up with a reality show and all hell will break loose.  The kids will be zombies to the commercial world. As if they weren’t already bombarded with millions of toys, food, clothes, and electronic bull crap every single time they watch their kiddy channels.  Sometimes the children can recite the damn commercials better than they can read a book. 

Since the 30-minute commercial is camoflauging as a cartoon, the FCC was called in to clear up any discrepancies the company might have with the charge.  The show is set to air October 11 on Nicktoons.  Read more here if you want to get involved in the crusade that will keep your money in your pocket and your children safe from the lull of capitalism.

-J.C. Brooks

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