Video: Patriot’s Randy Moss Pulling a LeBron?

Randy Moss of the New England Patriots had just come off a big opening season win against the Cincinnati Bengals when he figured no better time than the present to talk about his “up in the air” contract during a press conference after the game.  He figures he’s being sabotaged and he wanted everyone to know before the end of the season and he’d be made to look like LeBron James walking out the door leaving no love behind.

While these athletes may be rich, they have a right to fight and be treated fairly in their contracts and profession.  These owners and managers treat them like property and they get chastised when they try to assert themselves as human beings with rights and respect for themselves.  There are many who feel Moss should’ve picked another time to air his grievances, but he felt the timing couldn’t be better.

Personally, Randy’s good ol’ honky tonk country boy accent, bad english, playing against his hip hop swag and his exit speech:  “You can print it.  I don’t care how you print it on yo’ ink, but I wanna be here as a Patriot.  I love bein’ here, but I think just being here from a business standpoint this probably will be my last year here as a Patriot.  And I’m not retiring.  I’m still gon’ play some football…” confused me.  But, I think he’s feeling unappreciated. 

Check him out.

-J.C. Brooks

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