Video Game Obsessed Mother Neglects Children

The video games are officially out of control.  No, we shouldn’t say that.  Gaming doesn’t hurt people, people hurt people.  The victims in this case were children with a game obsessed mother rather than the other way around.  She got on her XBox, Playstation or something and couldn’t let it go…for months.  The families’ dogs died and was left in the living room for two months.  Can you imagine that you were so wrapped up in your game that you let your children step over decaying dogs for months?  Although, her children, ages 9, 10, and 13, should’ve got together and ended that situation themselves while walking out and never coming back.

The British 33-year old’s children were taken, the dogs finally removed and she was given some time.  But there’s another case, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, in South Korea and it was a couple.  They left to go to an internet cafe for 12 hour stints leaving an infant behind and the unimaginable happened.  Read more here.

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  1. Estou sempre a ouvir falar sobre as notícias ficando online gratuito aos pedidos para que eu tenha sido olhando para o melhor local para obter uma.

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