Video: Sportscaster Disses Gays and New Orleans, Apologizes


Dan Hampton on Pro Football Weekly

NFL Hall of Famer Dan Hampton shot his mouth off during a regular analysis of the football week on the NFL show Pro Football Weekly.  When he got to the Dallas Cowboys he went too far and made a remark that made the team seem a little “soft.”  In fact, he took the Cowboys reference to a film with “broke backs” if you know what I mean.

Then, he made a reference to the Minnesota Vikings game against the New Orleans Saints, saying that they better come in like “Katrina.”  What kind of fool doesn’t know that there is a problem with that type of reference?  He’s a prime example of why athletes don’t go straight from the field to television.  There is a little more “coaching” needed to make the transition.

He’s in complete apology mode now.  Watch how he messes up..TWICE!  First up, New Orleans:

Second, Dallas Cowboys remark:

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