Black Farmers Are Still Waiting for their 1.25 Billion

Black farmers are still reeling over the settlement they were awarded more than 10 years ago, yet have not been awarded.  They came in droves to protest  in front of the Department of Agriculture last week to demand their money, but the situation is looking grim, according to Poynter.  The lawsuit they filed called Pigford I, represented 15-20,000 black farmers who were supposed to receive payments in the sum of $50,000. 

It all began because of the discrimination they received when trying to obtain loans.  Their applications were being delayed and/or denied.  The lawsuit even showed that the applications were reviewed by county commissioners of which only 37 out of 8,147 were black.

Now with the U.S. government being in hock up to their eyeballs National Public Radio (NPR) gave examples of why there may not be any payments made anytime soon.  They noted that Republicans in the senate denied the settlement twice in the month of August.

Read more here to see why the black farmers are probably going to have to take their fight for equal treatment AND THEIR MONEY to the White House. Also, read some of the examples of unfair treatment they experienced.

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