Video: ‘Apocalypse Africa: Made in America’

“Apocalypse Africa: Made in America” is a film that has surfaced in an effort to expose America’s dirty little secrets as they pertain to the continent of Africa. The movie will probably scare a lot of you to death, but some of you will say they’re preaching to the choir.  This Cinequest  film seems to have the goods on America’s government and its involvement in the decline of Africa.

The film links U.S. President Richard Nixon also known as Tricky Dick, as one of the major players that viewed the African people as “fresh out of a Tarzan movie,” according to Roger Morris who was a part of the National Security Council during Nixon’s administration.  Former President of TransAfrica Randall Robinson weighs in as well about the guns you see the children of Africa using against their own people.  He probably has an accurate assumption that the American people never think twice about where they came from.  Who else could possibly supply them with such sophisticated weaponry?

Check out the trailer to an eye opening film that you will find hard to second guess because of the reliable sources that have been used in this documentary.

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Video: ‘Apocalypse Africa: Made in America’”

  1. Why no comments on this African Americans and yes I am a black male. Some of this information I already knew about. God is not pleased with our behavior and treatment of the Africans over something as Gold, Diamonds, etc. Human are more precious to God of the universe.

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