Video: Acid Thrown on Another Woman

In a matter of days, two women have been the victim of acid throwing incidents.  It would seem like a serial idiot, but there has been two different descriptions of the assailant and it has happened in two different states.  The victim, Derri Velarde, 41, of Mesa, Az., was going into her home and her attacker was hiding in her carport.  Once she got out of the car the woman came from nowhere and threw “concentrated acid” in her face and ran. According to the local CBS affiliate in Mesa, the burns were quite severe to her arms and face.

In case you missed it, we reported the first incident on Bethany Storro, which happened two days before this incident.  She was in a store parking lot when the exact same thing happened to her.  The description of the assailant in her case was a black woman and it appears that the woman in Arizona is a hispanic woman.  Neither woman has any information regarding their assailant.  The only thing similar about their attackers is that neither victim has a clue of who they are or why this has happened to them.

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