Video: 109-Year Old Man Has Secret to Youth

If you want to live to a ripe-old age or better yet have a long quality life, Bernando La Pallo, can give you something advice you can chew on.  He is an author who has written a book called “Age Less and Live More”, and is in the process of writing another.  At 109 years old, he’s regularly giving speeches around the country, and asked to speak around the world. He can drive, walk and do everything you can do but better because he has over a century of practice doing it.

He’s not a vegetarian nor a vegan, but he believes that raw foods and a “clean” lifestyle has kept him fit and trim and looking not a day over 75.  He takes something called “Superfood” as well.  According to the local  Fox affiliate interview, he said, “I never miss.”  When you hear him talk and watch him walk around his apartment, you will not believe that he’s over 100 years old. You’ll think you’re being punked.

Check it out:


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