Video: Morbidly Obese Toddlers Found In Horrific Filth and Taken

In Marietta, Ga., one of the most horrific cases of child neglect and/or abuse was discovered in August.  According to Headline News, the children were removed from the home and the parents arrested, but the police had to first come to grips with what they were seeing.  There were two children four and five, both morbidly obese and completely filthy.  Their bodies were covered in spider bites, hair caked with lice and the four-year old was wearing a “urine-soaked diaper.”  DISGUSTING!

When the police responded to a domestic abuse call, they found this horrifyingly filthy house infested with cockroaches, giant spiders, black mold and dirt throughout the bathroom and tub, and then a five-year old with rotting teeth weighing approximately 160 pounds and a filthy four-year old weighing approximately 90 pounds.  But the most awful thing about the case is that the parents, James and Anne Cardona, both chared with second-degree child cruelty are already out on bond.

NEIGHBORS ACROSS AMERICA! Please don’t turn your head when you see this type of thing going on under your nose in your neighborhood.  The authorities stated that the neighbors as well as James Cardona’s sister knew the conditions of the children, who were supposedly home-schooled yet could barely communicate, and yet reported nothing.  For Real?!!! C’mon Son!  We can do better!

Check it out:

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