Video: Florida Police Discover ‘How To’ Manual for Child Molestation

170-page child molestation manual

The Orange County Florida police has discovered a “How To” guide for child molestation.  They believe that the document has been circulating in the area for months.  According to ABC, it’s a 170-page document that is quite detailed on how to attract, find and molest children.  The scariest part of the manual is how to get children not to tell their parents.

The manual, while disturbing in nature, might be something every parent should read.  If the so-called author of this filth, who goes by the moniker “The Mule,” is authentic and he’s giving up his dirty secrets, they may help us to keep our children safe and able to detect these sick individuals.  The other disturbing part of this story is that the author cannot be charged with anything.  The law states that the book is not illegal.  It is more than likely protected by the First Amendment.

Check it out:

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  1. I have personally read this manual and it was vile! I have written the antidote to this raunchy manual. It is a book that teaches parents how to protect their kids from these predators. It is called “Straight From the Donkey’s Mouth: Exposing the Secrets of a Sexual Predator”. Available at and soon on Kindle on

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