Video: Detroit Is On Fire!

What more can the city of Detroit take?  The city has suffered economic blow after economic blow and now the city is burning down.  If you haven’t been to the place lately, there are areas where whole blocks are vacant and homes burnt out as if a war had taken place there.  Neighborhoods are shells of their former selves.  Now yesterday it appears that the city was trying to rival the Great Chicago Fire while also being ranked as the Most Stressed City in America.

The stress is obvious with the unemployment rate over 14 percent and a lot of the neighborhoods’ visible declaration of hopelessness via vacancy.  Some homes have been vacant for a year or more, yet you would not be the wiser for the manicured lawns…if you’re lucky.  Some neighborhoods are so overgrown there is no evidence that homes were there at all.  That might be a very good reason why the fire that occurred yesterday swept through several neighborhoods and dozens of homes so swiftly.  Let’s pray that Detroit’s Mayor David Bing will have a solution with his idea “The Detroit Strategic Framework Plan,” which is supposed to reshape the use of the land in Detroit to improve the economy.  The first meeting will be September 14.

Check out the devastating fires.  God bless you Detroit!

-J.C. Brooks

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