New Music from Ron Isley is Already Classic

Ron Isley has done his bit at the big house over tax evasion, but there’s nothing more cliche’ than doing time while singing in the Big House.  Isley must’ve been inspired by the oldies of his day when he was feeling “blue” because that’s exactly what he chose to cover on his new album…with Lauryn Hill.  When you hear that he has the Carpenters’ classic “Close to You” as one of his tracks, you know he’s ready to drop the Mr. Big moniker and settle for Mr. Softy.

Maybe working with Burt Bacharach influenced him to try some classics since Burt wrote the song in the 60’s and the Carpenters rendition made it a classic in 1970.  The other evidence of his choice to go classic is his choice to use Lauryn Hill on the track.  She proves that she, no matter what you might think of her and her fashion or preaching style, her musical style maintains her status as Queen.  The sista can sing anything.  If you need her on  folk, hip hop, r&b, reggae, whatever, SHE GOT’CHU!  Her voice and Ron Isley’s have never sound better.  They both are at the top of their game on this one.

If you feel like having a sincerely tender moment with the one you truly love, this track’s for you.

Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “New Music from Ron Isley is Already Classic”

  1. Heavenly! Hopefully less of the (necessary) R.Kelly productions and more instant classics like this. So pleasing to hear L-Boogie.

  2. It is so wonderful to hear their beautiful voices together! Welcome back.

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