Video: Ron Artest New Spokesman for Mental Health?

Ron Artest and Helen Mirren do a skit on George Lopez before Game 7.

Ron Artest has had his share of mental meltdowns, so California Congresswoman Grace Napolitano, sponsor of the Mental Health Act in Schools of 2009 Bill HR 2531, thought he’d be a perfect example of how treatment can help…I guess.  You have to admit, he’s shown some development since the whole Detroit thing.  And he was kinda right about that though. (You know you’re not going to let anybody throw a beer can at you on your job!)

But, since that incident, he showed up on Jimmy Kimmel in his boxer shorts, he’s tried his hand at a rap career, but that mess on George Lopez screams “Noooooo! Don’t quit your day job!”  And some other tidbits make him appear to be in a “process.”  He’s expected to speak at Eastmont Intermediate School at 9 a.m. Thursday, Sept 9.

Read the full story here on how Artest pulled the gig and watch below how he became a sought after mental health case.

-J.C. Brooks

Here's one of his counseling sessions from Game 7:

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