U of Md. gets First African American Athletic Director

University of Maryland's new Athletic Director, Kevin Anderson

University of Maryland houses 27 sports teams that have been managed by a woman, Debbie Yow, for 16 years.  But never in the history of the school has the Athletic Director been African American.  The new director, Mr. Kevin Smith hails from Army and brings major enthusiasm and military management style to the university.

Gary Williams, the head coach for the Maryland Terps men’s basketball team was a part of the stringent process to find a new Athletic Director.  Anderson and Williams both have served as chair of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Issues Committee, and one important issue they will work diligently to resolve is the NBA’s recruiting age.  Anderson will work at changing the age limit, so that the student has to be in school at least one year before becoming eligible.

Read more on Kevin Anderson and his new position here.

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