The Wolves Are Back!

Gray Wolves

The wolves may be back, but the U.S. government is about to declare war on them.  The gray wolves have made a serious comeback from their endangered status just a couple decades ago.  According to MSNBC, the numbers went up and so did their thirst for livestock.  Farmers are mad as hell about it and the tactics to getting their problems under control include: burying them alive; gassing them in their den; conservation or research hunts (which are really just hunts).  Any opportunity to hunt is good enough for them.

Hunters are also mad because the gray wolves are beating them to their big game.  It has been reported that there are 1,700 in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. There are more than 4,000 in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota and sightings in Colorado, Utah and New England.

Read the full story here on the populations that are sprouting up throughout the country and how soon operation “kill wolf” will jump off.

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