‘Can I Get Yo’… Facebook?

*The other day, I was in the store and a man started a conversation with me. At the end of the talk, he asked not for my phone number, but for my Facebook name.

At first I was a bit taken aback, not offended (he wasn’t cute), but surprised and a bit relieved to tell you the truth. But that’s not the point.

The point is, he and so many other people I’ve noticed, would much rather have your Facebook info than your phone number. Perhaps this is a safety measure that may turn out for the better for some people.

They say the phone number is a dying invention, the one that used to unlock the key to hearts, make nights better, and maybe even days worse (with the bill collectors calling). Online media social networking sites are the trendiest way to communicate with people, get to know them.

For me, I’m a bit old school, though I do embrace technology to an extent. I will not allow Facebook etc., to take over the fundamental element of life which is communication. It seems as if technology has allowed people to cop out, hide behind a screen and not deal with reality.

A television ad for e-harmony (I think) proudly shared that 1 in 8 relationships now begin online. That’s ridiculous. We basically have a middle man, a guise, a  faux pas (at least for old schoolers). We are so disconnected, but comfortable with it. Technology has this way of taking the place of___  (fill in the blank). Our spiritual lives are screwed up; our intellectual development is actually delayed; we don’t know how to speak face to face anymore; we barely know how to interact with the opposite sex. I can go on and on about this dying invention, but the choice to keep this from happening is within the individual – not to get all “Captain Planet” on you 😉 “The Power is yours!”

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