Taking a Dump is Bad for Your Health

*Ok not exactly. It’s the toilet posture that can really mess with your health. A new report from Time Magazine says sitting on the toilet isn’t our true nature. We were meant to squat. Toilets are relatively new, the article says, and it might be unhealthy.

They say the squat position wards off certain diseases including colon cancer.

As a result, a new industry is emerging with toilets that are more like holes in the ground to promote this ancient practice of squatting. Nature’s Platform device is a $150 buy that fits over toilets to make them more like holes in the ground.

I don’t know about this. I enjoy sitting on my throne when I have to relieve myself. It’s my time to relieve my stress, let it all hang out, and relax. Some people can’t squat, ya know… there is extra concentration required when ya squat… But I hear in China, that’s the way they do it… they squat and it comes out easier. I’m all about the au natural, but this right here is just one thing I don’t wanna give up. I like my throne.

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