Video: Four-Year-Old Gets Herpes From Used Condom

*OMG! I want to throw up now. A little four-year-old boy may have an STD, herpes in his mouth because he put a used condom from a hotel room in his mouth! In July, his grandmother took him to the Wyndam Garden Inn downtown Atlanta. She stepped out of the bathroom and the next thing she knew, the boy was in the bathroom with his mouth wrapped around what he thought was a balloon. It was a used condom.

The grandmother, in her motherly ways, was going to take the condom to be tested, but the hotel manager stopped her. The boy sprouted up disgusting bumps around his mouth that did eventually go away. But the herpes is back, I’ma just call it like I see it. Now he’s got a breakout on his lips, tongue and inside of his mouth. Poor child. I hope the family sues they a**. That is just ridiculous and gag worthy. The maids should have cleaned that place up and down, and not to leave grandma off the hook, she gotta watch the baby! They put everything in their mouths.

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