Katrina Cops Ordered to Shoot Looters

*Perhaps I’m on the late freight about this one but regardless the story is simply outrageous and further confirms Kanye West’s statement, “George Bush (substitute that for the government) doesn’t like Black people.”

The madness that ensued shortly after Katrina hit was like no other experience one could imagine, next to slavery. Police officers were shooting at will anyone they perceived was endangering them or others around them as well as looters.

The controversy is that officers were told by their superiors to take this stand. They were told to shoot looters.

That’s wild, but I guess not too far-fetched, being that we live in America, right?

Propublica.org reports that police captain, Harry Mendoza, told federal prosecutors last month that he was ordered by Warren Riley, then the department’s second-in-command, to “take the city back and shoot looters.” A lieutenant who worked for Mendoza, Mike Cahn III, said he remembered the scene similarly and would testify about it under oath if asked.

It makes you wonder about the people who are wearing the badge, again that police brutality check.

The story is bizarre. Read the story here.

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