Jokey Joke/Video: Jon Stewart Proves Sarah Palin is a Hott Mess Hypocrite!

*What can we say that we already don’t know? Sarah Palin has been in the media more than she was when she was running for vice president. She’s made it clear what her stance is on just about everything, Tweeting just about every day about the things she thinks everyone cares for her opinion on.

Anyway, Jon Stewart recently got on the dogg “Dr.” Laura about her ridiculocity (it’s not a word, but you feel me). But he also got on Palin’s case. (Scroll down for the hilarious video.)

She recently commented, of course on the Laura situation, saying the woman shouldn’t resign. She should “reload.” What! But get this – think back to when the the former governor of Alaska said Rahm Emanuel should be fired for using the word “retard” in a derogatory manner. That’s backwards. She said kicking Laura off the show is taking away her first amendment rights.

I tell you … Republicans 😉

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Incidentally, you can hear Dr. Laura’s unedited remarks here.

2 thoughts on “Jokey Joke/Video: Jon Stewart Proves Sarah Palin is a Hott Mess Hypocrite!”

  1. I can’t get over the fact that Palin has her own freaking reality tv show. Can anyone get a reality show nowadays? And it is glaringly apparent she is using it to get people’s attention so she can try to become president. The most alarming thing is that what with the way everybody worships reality show stars, it’s just loco enough to work. I’m not exactly an extreme liberal or anything like that, but I would hope anyone with a brain on whichever side of the aisle would be able to distinguish why we would not want somebody like her being the leader of the greatest nation in the world.

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