No Joke: ‘Ebonics Professionals’ Sought

*As a Black youth, mama always told me to speak properly and leave those ebonics in the streets because talking like a n-word don’t get jobs. Wellllll… the times have changed and ebonics is in demand. I almost don’t believe this story myself, but if it is true, it is seriously the most bizarre and quite shocking piece of information I’ve received in a long time.

According to the, the U.S. Justice Department is now seeking linguistics experts to interpret ebonics on tapped phone calls and other secret conversations about narcotics investigations.

This is just wild and unbelievable. But when them folk can’t figure it out for themselves, they gotta call on the Black man.

To make light of this situation… I was thinking, what Black person who speaks, has spoken, and understands ebonics is going to really interpret anything for “the man.”

Think about it. Black folks from the hood are more likely to know ebonics than anyone in the suburbs. So, there is a street code not to snitch on anyone. If hired, this person could potentially be a hired snitch. Hmmm…

Read the full story here.

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