Ghetto Fabulous Does Pay Off … Ask Antoine Dodson

*Ah yes, how can we forget the one and only Antoine Dodson. Remember the young man, who is commonly mistaken for a woman, in Huntsville, Ala. who spoke to the press about the “bed intruder?”:

The news clip went viral over night and brought to this young project boy  some long sought after attention.

So as a result of his ghetto fabulousness and extra flamboyance, his comments were digitally turned into a song on YouTube and so far has received over 10 million hits. And speaking of hits, the song has now become an iTunes smash!:

Anyway, I don’t want to discredit him completely. He seems to have a good heart… (sigh). He told reporters the attention at first bothered him, but soon found a perfect opportunity to get his family out of the projects. He’s hoping to turn this situation around to be a blessing for his loved ones.

“I just want to be the voice of people who are going through similar situations that have gotten their case swept under the rug,” he says. “Most of my fans are victims of rape and molestation and they reach out to me anyway so I just talk to them and comfort them. I try to tell them the ways that I dealt with it because I’m a rape victim myself.”

His warning to the “bed-intruder”perpertrator, “Run and Tell That, Homeboy,” was auto-tuned into a hit song by the Gregory Brothers and he has a 50/50 split deal with them for the iTunes song. And he has begun selling t-shirts and asking for people to donate on his site. That money will go to helping his family buy a new home and a foundation for juvenile diabetes, which both his sister and mother have. Wait, there’s more! He is a smart man, he is working on trademarking some of his catch phrases like, “hide yo kids, hide yo wife.”

Now look at that, not all bafoonery is bad… just ask Tyler Perry 😉 Please! Read the full story here. It’s hilarious and quite touching.

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