Video: Police Ruin Family Vacation

*Another story that makes people hate police. A family was on their way to a camping site, a family vacation when a police officer started to follow the family’s vehicle. He ran their plates and pulled them over.

At 5:45 in the morning, traffic was stopped on the slow-05 (405 fwy for all of you non-Los Angeles folks) and pulled each member of the family out of the vehicle, had them each lay prostrate in the middle of the freeway with hands behind their back.

What did this officer find that was warranted him to do such a thing?

Well the plates he ran alerted him that this vehicle was a stolen one. After taking the family into custody, they found that the plates did not belong to their vehicle, but they weren’t aware of the switch.

Ahh yes. I’m no law enforcement expert, and maybe I’m wrong, but don’t stolen plates usually come with a vehicle description? Even if the officer did the right thing by pulling the car over, was it really necessary to close down the freeway and humiliate these people, ruin a family vacation, and spend all that city money and bring out the number of officers they did? I’m just sayin’.

Watch the video:


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